20 Minimalistic Home Decorations That Look Amazing & Are Easy To Make – Tutorials


Minimalistic home decorations is a nice way how to decorate your home if you want something that is simple and yet it makes your home look better and unique. Minimalist design is quite popular these days and you see more and more it popping up from the internet. And there is a reason why. It just looks amazing and this kind of design fits into almost every home.

From our list, you can find practical DIY projects and also DIY projects that are meant just as decor items. There are a lot of minimalist DIY projects, but we have gathered around 20 our favorite minimalistic home decorations that look amazing and also are easy to make. Scroll down and see by yourself what kind of DIY projects we have on our list. Every DIY project you find from our list also has a full tutorial that you can follow when making it. Just follow the link that is below the picture!


DIY Marble Hanging Shelf


Tutorial: Abubblylife

This minimalist DIY hanging shelf is a nice decoration item if you have that spot in our home that you do not know what to do with it but yet you feel like it needs something. With this hanging shelf,  you will have a nice place where you can display your flowers or something else.


DIY Copper Hanging Planter


Tutorial: Abubblylife

Another DIY project that you can hang to your room. With this DIY planter, you can also add some plants to your home, every home should have some plants. And if you do not already have, then maybe doing this DIY might be something that is what your home needs right now.


DIY Speckled Nesting Bowls


Tutorial: Almostmakesperfect

If you have not made anything from the clay but you have always wondered how to make something from the clay then you should check out this DIY project. It is a great way how to learn how to craft with the clay. It is a simple decor item that you can make by yourself that will look amazing.


DIY Simple And Chic Lighting


Tutorial: Lovecreatecelebrate

Decorative lights can make a big change in your home. As we already know, nice design lights can be quite expensive. But making them by yourself, you can save a lot of money. Open up the tutorial and see how it is made.


DIY Modern Candle Holder


Tutorial: Lovecreatecelebrate

If you reading this post in the fall, then you might want to check this DIY out. It teaches you how to make a modern minimalist candle holder. As candles are something that is constantly used in the fall, then you might want to have a candle holder that also looks beautiful. It is also a nice piece that you can use at dinner parties.


DIY Fresh Herb Bouquets


Tutorial: Almostmakesperfect

It is a clever and unique way how to decorate your empty and boring walls. Also, it costs you almost nothing to make, If you are into these kinds of decorations, check it out. A way how to add some nature to your home.


DIY Stir Stick Wall Hanging


Tutorial: Almostmakesperfect

Do you have an empty wall that you do not what to do with? If so, then this DIY stir stick wall hanger might help you out. It looks nice on the white wall and definitely is a unique piece that you can not find anywhere else. It is a simple and inexpensive way how to add some modern decor to your home.


DIY Color – Glazed Stacked Vases


Tutorial: Sugarandcloth

If you know that you want to have some flowers in your home but you are missing that one thing and it is vases, then you should make them by yourself. That DIY will teach you how to make unique and modern vases that look beautiful and will compliment your flowers.


DIY Leather Footstool


Tutorial: Themerrythought

As we told you before, the decorative items do not have to always some pieces that are there to decorate your home. You can also make something practical that you can use as a decor item. If you know where you could use a footstool and would like to have some modern furniture in your home, then here you go!


DIY Copper Wood Hooks


Tutorial: Abubblylife

Another practical way how to add some modern decor to your home. These hangs are perfect for the hallway. These DIY copper wooden hooks have a beautiful minimalistic design. It looks chic and will definitely add some uniqueness to your hallway.


DIY Glasses And Jewelry Organizer


Tutorial: Themerrythought

Keep your essentials organized with this beautiful DIY modern minimalist stand. It is made completely from wood and has a simple but yet beautiful design. It is easy to make, check out the tutorial and you will see by yourself.


DIY Geometric Coasters


Tutorial: Sugarandcloth

DIY coasters are super easy to make and you can use them to protect your table. They look chic and modern.


DIY Leather Pulls


Tutorial: Lovecreatecelebrate

It is a clever way how you can add some details to your home make it look more modern. All you have to do is get some leather and make DIY cabinet pulls out of it. They have that minimalist look that will look unique and great.


DIY Wall – Mounted Leather Catchall

Tutorial: Cocokelley

You can also make something for your walls from the leather. With this DIY wall mounted leather catchall you can store your documents, keys or whatever needs to be at the reach all the time. If you are not into black leather, just use other color leather and you are ready to go.


DIY Pom Pom Blanket


Tutorial: Almostmakesperfect

No, this DIY will not teach you how to make a blanket from scratch. This DIY will teach you how to make you existing blanket into something more than it is right now. Open up the tutorial and you will see.


DIY Minimal Mountain Clock


Tutorial: Sayyes

This DIY wall clock looks unique and has that minimalist design that we are looking for. If you like that look, you should check out the tutorial to see how easy it is to make. If you are missing a clock from your home, then it is definitely worth your time.


DIY Half Moon Magnets


Tutorial: Almostmakesperfect

Do you also are not a fan of those plastic cheap fridge magnets that do not look great? Well, if so, then you might love those simple and yet beautiful wooden DIY magnets. They are super easy and inexpensive to make. If you’d like and can, you can add some art or text on them too.


DIY Fluffy Pom Pom Bin


Tutorial: Sugarandcloth

This pom pom bin looks great. It is something practical that also makes your home look better. You can make this DIY bin by yourself and that is not that hard. Check it out and learn how to make it.


DIY Minimalist Round Black Concrete Tray


Tutorial: Diyinpdx

This black concrete looks amazing and will be perfect bathroom decor and storage item. You can make a lot of different things from the concrete and it is used a lot when making the modern and minimalist design items. Making things out of concrete isn’t that hard. Open up the tutorial, there is all the information that you need.


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