17 Healthy Seafood Dinners That Are Quick & Easy To Make – Recipes


Seafood is a perfect dish to make if you’d like to have something light and healthy. There a lot of benefits of making a seafood dinner, most benefits that you get from cooking a seafood dish is that it is usually easy and quick to make and it is definitely good for your health. Also, there are a lot of seafood recipes floating around and you have a lot of different tastes and ingredients to use when cooking yourself a delicious seafood dinner.

If you are into seafood and would like to learn what kind of different seafood dinners you can make, we recommend you to check out the list that we have put together for you. On our list, you can find recipes that include salmon, shrimps, mussels and a lot more different and interesting ingredients. It is a perfect dish if you are trying to eat healthily but you are not willing to give up on foods that taste good. So, scroll down and see by yourself!


Pan Seared Halibut With Lemon Caper Sauce


Recipe: Afamilyfeast

This dish is full of interesting and different tastes and it simple to get cook for everyone. This pan seared halibut with lemon caper sauce suits perfectly for supper idea for men and women that enjoy fish and unique taste.


Brown Butter Scallops


Recipe: Lifeloveandgoodfood

If you are a sea scallops fan and you are looking for dinner ideas, then this wonderful butter scallop recipe is something for you. Sea scallops pan seared with final signature in butter is a perfect combination with rice.


Blackened Catfish Over Cajun Rice


Recipe: Kitchenswagger

This blackened catfish over cajun rice is simple to prepare and don’t require a good deal of your time too. This is a dish idea paired with the flavorful catfish. It’s a very rich dish and it suits for supper if you want to produce something simple, good and yummy with catfish.


Ravioli With Seafood, Spinach & Mushrooms In Garlic Cream Sauce


Recipe: Willcookforsmiles

Four cheese ravioli cooked in cream sauce with shrimps, spinach, scallops, and mushrooms – a superb combination of delicious ingredients? It’s easy enough to prepare, so everyone can do it. It fits flawlessly with white wine. People who love ravioli and fish should certainly try out this wonderful dish.


Skillet Grilled Seafood And Chorizo Paella


Recipe: Halfbakedharvest

This skillet grilled seafood and chorizo paella are simple to prepare and it has a lot of tastes to offer. This is a dish that is a good solution if you are currently looking for simplicity. An amazing and easy to make a dish to cook a dinner.


Spice Roasted Halibut With Avocado Salsa


Recipe: Lifeisbutadish

This halibut with avocado salsa is super delicious, nice and easy fish meal recipe idea. All you need is 20 minutes to make it and you have a wholesome and nice seafood dinner. This sweet and salty avocado coupled with spiced halibut is definilty something to try.


Drunken Shrimp Scampi


Recipe: Dashofsavory

This shrimp scampi is a tasty and easy dish. If you want to pull something quick but also want something super tasty, then that shrimp scampi is the recipe for you. This dish suits perfectly for people that enjoy light seafood dinner and shrimps.


Red Pepper Fettuccine With Shrimps


Recipe: Pinchofyum

Shrimps are the fish lover fantasy, right? However, these red pepper fettuccine with shrimps simply tastes heavenly good. This dish is full of special and distinct tastes. Also, if you love food, then you should try these shrimps with pepper fettuccine.


Creamy Garlic Butter Tuscan Salmon


Recipe: Cafedelites

This super creamy garlic butter Tuscan salmon is worth of a try if you love salmon. This recipe is for sure different but it really tastes super great. So, if you’re looking something to cook with salmon, then you consider creating this creamy garlic butter Tuscan salmon.


Indonesian Seafood Curry


Recipe: Formysenses

Do you love seafood and are you searching for something delicious flavorful and intriguing idea for supper? Subsequently, this blackfish curry dishes is exactly that. It is packed with flavor and this fish curry has a wonderful hint of pepper. This amazing Indonesian fish curry matches for those who are looking for some intriguing taste.


Blackened Salmon With Avocado Salsa


Recipe: Closetcooking

This blackened salmon with avocado salsa is a super tasty quick and effortless meal for dinner. Avocado salsa goes perfectly together with this blackened salmon. Something to consider if you are looking something that is easy and quick to make.


Garlic And Tomato Mussels


Recipe: Honestcooking

These mussels that are cooked with garlic and tomato can be a light and tasty fish meal or a fun appetizer. You can make this dish only in moments. If you have not ever cooked mussels before, then check out the recipe, it is quite simple.


Pan Seared Salmon With Lemon Garlic Cream Sauce


Recipe: Diethood

This salmon with lemon garlic cream sauce is unquestionably one of the best recipes in this list. It is a creamy delicious dinner that has a lot to offer. All you need is 20 minutes of your times and it does not need a lot of ingredients also. Well, simplicity tastes best.


Simple Authentic Cioppino


Recipe: Feastingathome

This easy cioppino is easy to make and filled with flavor. A really delicious dish that is a perfect meal if you are looking for something light.


Moroccan Salmon


Recipe: Feastingathome

If you love salmon this recipe is for you. It is a healthy and light dish . In this recipe, salmon has been paired with delicious Moroccan Quinoa with olives, blood oranges, almonds, and mint. Nice dinner idea!


Mussels With White Wine


Recipe: Theanchoredkitchen

It is another mussel recipe. In this recipe, the mussels are cooked in white wine. If you want to try something different but do not want to make something hard, then this is definitely a recipe where you should start. You will not regret!


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