20 Halloween Recipes That Are Healthy And Perfect For Vegans – Tutorial


Are you looking something to cook for Halloween, if so, then this list of Halloween recipes the right place where you should be. Keep in mind that mostly we have sweets on our list but you can find a few salty recipes too. Why? Well, Halloween and sweets are something that goes together.

So, sweets, they can not be healthy, right. Well, there are some amazing recipes that taste amazing and are a lot healthier you than regular recipes. We have put together this list by keeping in mind vegans, so every recipe that you can find is suitable for people who are vegans. Just scroll down and see what kind of different recipes you can find that are perfect for celebrating and welcoming Halloween.


Mini Pumpkin Vegan Cheesecake Jack – O – Lanterns


Recipe: Foodfaithfitness

This is a nice snack recipe for Halloween. They are gluten-free cheesecake jack-o-lanterns that have that spooky Halloween theme going on. And what most importantly, they taste really good.


Jack Skellington Mounds Cups


Recipe: Beamingbaker

Another sweet snack idea for Halloween party. Also, they are gluten and dairy free, so you can be assured that they are suitable for vegans. Making this sweet snack is simple and do not require a lot of time. It only contains four different ingredients. Check it out!


Stuffed Mushroom Eyeballs


Recipe: Veganyackattack

Halloween snacks are all about presentation and theme, right? Well, these stuffed mushrooms that look like eyeballs definitely look spooky. A nice salty snack that you can make for your Halloween party!


Halloween Pizzas


Recipe: Veganricha

Yes, pizzas. Pizzas are perfect for any occasion and what is the nice part of them is that you can shape them as you like and make the toppings look like you woud like. A simple and tasty dish that you can not go wrong with. These mini vegan pizzas are superb Halloween snack idea!


Peanut Butter Pumpkin Spice Yo-Yo Cookies


Recipe: Delightfulvegans

They do not look spooky, but they definitely look nice and suit with Halloween nicely! These are simple and tasty cookies that are gluten-free and contain some peanuts and pumpkins.


Halloween Sweet Potato Fries


Recipe: Tablespoon

This is another simple Halloween snack that you can make. This recipe teaches you how to make fries from the sweet potatoes, but if you are not the biggest fan of the sweet potatoes, you can also use regular potatoes. A nice thing about this snack is that you can shape these fries as you would like! Make some spooky fun fries!


Sweet Pumpkin Buns


Recipe: Landsandflavors

You can not have a proper Halloween party without pumpkins. But if you do not want to have the regular pumpkin and you would like to serve something different, then this bun that is shaped like pumpkin is a fun alternative. These buns taste sweet and contain pumpkins. A really nice snack that you can serve to your guests.


Bloody Cups For Halloween


Recipe: Elephantasticvegan

Yummy, these tasty bloody cups are filled with raspberry sauce. That sweet and sour taste is amazing and they are also gluten-free. All you need is 3 ingredients to make this amazing snack. Check out the recipe to learn what exactly you need.


Vegan Halloween Carrot Cakes With Witchy Green Avocado Buttercream


Recipe: Treeselovehappiness

Carrot cakes taste already amazing but if you add this green avocado buttercream, you will get something that tastes even better. They are simple to make and they are healthier than regular carrot cakes. Take a look at the recipe to see how this amazing avocado buttercream is made.


Raw ” Candy Corn ” Cheesecake


Recipe: Unconventionalbaker

It is a raw cheesecake that is fluffy and delicious. A nice dessert that you can offer at the Halloween party or make it celebrate Halloween. It tastes really good and it is something that you should really consider.


Carrot Rice Ball Jack O’ Lantern Bites


Recipe: Apronstringsblog

A healthy snack that is suitable for vegans. They look fun and they are rich in flavor. The best part of these snacks is that they are quite simple to make.


Twix Pudding Parfait


Recipe: Brewinghappiness

Do you love Twix? If so, then this pudding that is made out of Twix is an ultimate dessert for you. Open up the recipe and see how it is made. It really is something for people that really are into sweets.


Candy Skull Crushers


Recipe: Wallflowerkitchen

There is not another time in the year when you can make some candies that look like candies. This recipe teaches you how to make gluten-free raw candies that look exactly like skulls. If you want something fun to give out for the Halloween, these candies are it.


Halloween Bloody Falafel Fingers


Recipe: Veganricha

Want to offer something not sweet for Halloween. Well, these, falafel fingers are tasty and look like they are made for Halloween, well they are. These gluten-free falafel fingers are must be if you are looking for something salty for Halloween.


Vegan Halloween Cookies


Recipe: Saltandlavender

Yes, cookies. They are something that you can never go wrong with. Cookies are easy to make and everyone can manage to bake them. All you have to do is add some colors to the cookies and they are perfect for Halloween.


Double Chocolate Halloween ” Cheesecake ”


Recipe: Cocooncooks

Maybe you want to make a cake for Halloween? Well, if so, then this Halloween recipe will teach you how to make a cheesecake that looks amazing. If you want a cake that tastes good and also is perfect for vegans, then it is the cake recipe that you should go with.


Spooky Black Bean Hummus


Recipe: Fatfreevegan

We have gone through quite a lot of snacks and now we have something if you want to serve for a Halloween dinner. It is a hummus that is perfect for Halloween. This hummus has a nice smokey flavor and it looks good.


Vegan Cheese Ball No Nuts Cheddar Cheese Ball


Recipe: Veganricha

Another nice snack recipe for Halloween. You can shape these cheeseballs into any shape that you like or go with the pumpkin look like in the recipe. These cheese balls are made out of cheddar cheese.


Deviled Purple Potatoes


Recipe: Veggiessavetheday

It is a simple snack that won’t cost you a lot to make. They look nice and fit perfectly with the Halloween theme. Check out the recipe to learn how exactly these potato snacks are made.


Frankenstein Avocado Toast


Recipe: Veganchowdown

It is a fun snack idea that you can make for a Halloween. With them you can get really creative or use that Frankenstein look that are going on in the recipe. Easy and quick snack idea


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